Hello Beards,

I was asked to tell my "Beardstory" here. I do not know real if my way fits in here that good, but may be it can give some useful experiences for the one or other. I am German tongue so forgive my english!!

My Beardjourney started with nearly no beardgrowth at all even until the mid 20ies. There were only some hairs on my chin an dsome thin hairs as "moustache". I was sad about that because I loved beards since my childhood where I lived next to the cutter-store for the well suited marines with sometimes impressive beards.

As student of biology I started some experiments with herbal Testosterone Boosters like Tribulus, Maca, Epimedium, etc. There were some Beard-Improvements with Tribulus as daily tea. I had to cut it off due to strong headaches. The other herbs did not show any significant changes.

Within my 40ies I had reached a nice goatee. In that time started heavy health problems like muscle cramps, pains over the whole body, irregulan heart beats. A fat Prolabs plus Sequester brought me into the hospital, legs paralyzed. I had to undergo an operation and in that treatment my bloodparameters were checked. As diagnose I got much too low minerals, esp. Calcium, much too low Testosterone-levels plus Osteoporosis.

Things became now more clear to me now. As too low Testo-levels do not only prohibit "Masculinisation" but also make a steady leak of minerals, esp. Calcium. If Your body cannot keep Calcium, one can develop heavy and dangerous muscle cramps, heart insufficience, allergies (via Leaky gut), osteoprorosis and a leadheavy tiredness.

I got an explicit consultation about a "Testosterone-Replacement-Therapy" (TRT) with all possible side effects. That therapy was suggested as osteoporosis-treatment and heart protection. I started with oily injections but changet to epidermal gelly because of ugly pains.

Some months after beginning the TRT an intensive beardgrowth started. Hairs became thicker and started to spread over my face and neck (and belly). The beardhairs grew faster, thicker and did not fall out at ca. 4 cm anymore. That development on my facehalfs was not equal. Leftside is more regular, right side a bit patchy. My Cotelettes are a weak point but develope slowly too.

Side effects of TRT are Hypertonia, too much blood in vessels (that makes a balloon-feeling), increase of bodyfat, headaches, sometimes rage and bad temper. One can treat these sideeffects but rage does not make me an "easy going" person sometimes. I told my human environment about some medications and they can deal wth it.

My suggestions: Weak beardgrowth CAN be a sign for too low T-levels. One should check it out. That can make problems when You get older. A TRT should only made under controll of a physician. TRT CAN increase beardgrowth but low T-levels alone do not allways cause weak beard growth or weak masculinisation. I have met men with thick beards and natural big muscle bodies with osteoporosis and very low T-levels!

How the TRT worked on me, You can see on the pics above. The Goteeman is before TRT started in early 2013.

Regarding my Beard I enjoy pure wild growth without trimming. I like somewhat untamed manhood, like to hear women and men shouting about my wild meadow ;-)

Greetings Hardred


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