Insert your pictures from Beard Board Albums:

Please Note: The following instructions assume you have set the "wysiwyg" option in your Account Settings. To change, click on the Account link in the Yuku banner at the top, then click on the Forum link tab and scroll down to Editor Type. Click on the "wysiwyg" option and Save.

1. To insert your pictures into the post, select the icon highlighted below in the red circle. Of course you can always put in some text before or after you insert the picture.


2. Select the Album first by clicking it:


3. Select the picture INSIDE the album:


4. The picture should now be inserted into your post. Add any additional pictures and/or text. When done, click on the X (highlighted here in the red circle) to remove picture selection and make things easier to see:


5. Hit Preview or Post:


6. And you are done!


Patience shall be rewarded!

New beard growers: Check out the Rules of Beard Acquisition.
To upload and post pictures, here is a tutorial.
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