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Handlebar moustache questions, ADVICE needed! (topic)
I just have a few quick questions about Handlebar moustaches as I'm growing my first and just needed some clear concise answers from any of you gents who may have the knowledge. 1. How long generally is the growth term for a beginning...
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01/24/16 12:51:05
Frustrating Mustache with no Solution (topic)
Hello everyone, I've been growing out a mustache for quite some time now as I've never shaved it or trimmed it. That being said, it came out really thick to the point where it is always on my lips and just looks super messy. Obviously, I...
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12/28/15 05:07:06
Mustache small bald patch problem after shave.. Help (topic)
Hello I have a bit of a problem with my mustache. I'm 20 years old and recently I grew my mustache for 2 months.. Sounds a long time but my facial hair takes a long time to grow so It wasn't a great stache but it was respectable. Anyway...
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01/08/15 19:26:52
3weeks and nobody sees my mustache (topic)
I dont know what to do and i dont know what's the problem but im 18years old and even if i let my mustache grow up while 3 weeks or more nobody see my mustache except if he looks really close to my mouth, i only got a bit of mustache...
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11/25/14 06:49:36
Funny mustache video (topic)
This is a funny mustache video.
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06/13/14 21:35:01
Solo Mustaches (topic)
Please post your solo mustache pictures weather past or present.  No other hair please. Lets hear a little about your solo mustache weather past or present.  There is always a little story.  There is a thread Mustaches Mustaches...
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02/28/14 05:00:14
Mustaches (With Follicle Neighbors or Solo) all are Welcome (topic)
The title says it all.  How about showing your mustache pictures.  Weather solo, or part of a full beard or goatee etc.  Show the style(s) you sport, with a brief explanation if you wish. I know there are some serious solo mustache guys...
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07/24/13 16:13:29