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Thoughts on progress?  (topic)
I have recently grown out my beard again, but had to shave it because of starting a new job. I went about 3-4 weeks on it and noticed that my bare spots are still pretty influential on the overall appearence of my beard. I can tell the...
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01/13/13 07:11:03
First full beard attempt at 37  (topic)
During the last two years I have grown a goatee on a few occasions, but have never tried growing a full beard. The idea has grown on me during the last year (no pun intended) and I would like to give it a head start while on holiday....
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10/07/12 01:35:35
My Beruary Beard  (topic)
I have tried to grow a beard maybe thrice in the past, but always gave up after a few weeks. Thanks to this board, I've been inspired to try again, but with a much longer time commitment.  I started growing the stache and chin...
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09/07/12 23:44:36
23 Year Old Facial Hair  (topic)
I'm 23 year old and I can't grow a full beard (which i hate as people much younger, have more facial hair then me) but this is my facial hair after 2 weeks of growth. Any suggestions with what I should do with it will be...
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01/05/12 00:18:25
Bald Connectors - 2 Weeks  (topic)
Hey Guys, So I'm 23 years old, and this is my first attempt at seeing what my facial hair can do. I like the coverage I'm getting for the most part, but around my jawline on both sides I have some bald spots (connecting the cheek to the...
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09/28/11 00:04:03
First time beard & new member (8 week update)  (topic)
Hi all!I'm just over two weeks into my first try at growing a beard. I've had a fun reading all the good advice on here and thought I'd share my journey with you all.I'll be spending some time in some parts of Asia where having a beard...
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09/14/11 15:20:27
Hopefully start of something  (topic)
Hi guys, I’ve been reading posts for a little while now and finally giving some growth a go.  I’m only 2 weeks in but I am concerned about thickness (or lack thereof).  It’s the reason why I haven’t tried in the past but...
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06/19/11 13:42:18
My First Beard. Ever! 6 Weeks & Counting...  (topic)
Hello everyone.  I have been browsing the site for a couple weeks and decided to join.  I am 35 years old, half German & half Spanish.  My genetics should be there as my father (German) had a beard and my uncles on my...
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01/08/11 23:54:56