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18. Desperately want a moustache (topic)
Mustache-related Topics and General Questions


11/01/16 20:35:00
Handlebar moustache questions, ADVICE needed! (topic)
I just have a few quick questions about Handlebar moustaches as I'm growing my first and just needed some clear concise answers from any of you gents who may have the knowledge. 1. How long generally is the growth term for a beginning...
Mustache-related Topics and General Questions


01/24/16 12:51:05
Mustache Hairs Falling on Upper Lip (topic)
Hi, I currently have a mustache that I've been developing for many years. It's starting to get a bit out of control however, and lots of times, there will be moustache hairs covering my upper lip. This gets somewhat annoying and I find...
Mustache-related Topics and General Questions


09/13/15 04:10:18
What to do about long moustache (topic)
Hi, I have been forming a moustache that I have never shaved/trimmed for over 7 years. I am currently in my low 20s, so I have been growing this moustache from a somewhat young age. That being said, I am finding troubles with it....
Mustache-related Topics and General Questions


08/29/15 23:17:04
Homemade Artisanal Moustache Wax Recipe (topic)
Use spoon to keep glass bottle of coconut oil off bottom of pan until it melts.  Add in birthday candles and stir.  Small amount of cough syrup adds scent.Hold isn't that great.  Too much coconut, not enough wax.  I'm worried that so...
Mustache-related Topics and General Questions


01/26/15 06:47:20
Taming the Wild Stache (topic)
We seem to see the same questions popping up in the Establishing Beards section. "My Moustache is getting in my mouth, What do I do?"  I've put together  some tips that I have seen and some techniques that have helped me.  I hope this...
Mustache-related Topics and General Questions


05/16/14 20:39:11
Tips and Techniques for Eating and Drinking  (topic)
In response Rino's topic where members have shared their experiences with regard to consuming problematic foods and beverages, and as a somewhat parallel post to a thread I created over on the Handlebar Club Forum, I thought we should...
Mustache-related Topics and General Questions


09/11/12 11:08:30