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New Premium Beard oil - Veteran owned (topic)
My bearded brothers,I have premium artisan Beard oil for sale. The beard oil is handmade from the finest oils and will leave you feeling and smelling fresh all day long. There are many benefits to using a beard oil. Give my site a visit...
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07/05/17 14:26:43
UK beard oils & Balms all natural & organic. (topic)  =15pxAt Woodsman Beard Company, we believe in providing customers with grooming products that are not only high in quality, but are made with 100% organic, natural ingredients. Based in West...
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woodsman beard co

01/27/17 13:43:38
Beard oil made in Austin Texas!!!!!!! (topic)
Hello! Names Jacques, I've been making some premium beard products right out of Austin, Texas! Buying all my oils locally, making sure to use only the most organic and premium oils! Pretty new so check it out and let me know what you...
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11/12/16 00:36:52
Best Damn Beard Company (topic)
Hello Everyone,  My name is Michael and I'm currently on my 8 month grow! Like a few others here I've started a beard grooming company called Best Damn Beard Company. Please check out our site and products!
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08/06/16 03:09:04
Beard Lab - Beard Oils from £5.99, Soaps & More! (topic)
Hey guys. I want to introduce you to my brand which has been around for about 2 years now. Beard Lab! Some of the things we do includes: Some unique scented oils. Such as Maple Syrup & Pancakes, Jelly Bean and more....
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Beard Lab

07/29/16 12:56:34
20% Off Plus Free Shipping! (topic)
Hello everyone! My name is Tripp, and I'm a founder at Drayton Products. As a fellow beard man, I'm extremely happy to announce an incredible sale just for all of you here at Jeffs Beardboard!We're giving 20% off, as well as free...
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Drayton Products

05/31/16 16:43:00
COMING SOON! New Beard Grooming Company, Beardcraft Co. (topic)
Beardcraft Co. New Beard Grooming Company Coming SoonWho we are? Beardcraft Co.What are we about? Beardcraft Co. was created to help men everywhere gain the confidence to rock that kickass beard or mustache. And we feel that confidence...
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01/19/16 20:45:26
Great page for beard products and pictures (topic)
A great site for quality beard products is  . They are founded from an awesome beard page on Instagram called @beardlongandprosper  check them both out you won't be...
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12/14/15 21:38:11
Enchanted Beard Company (topic)
I wanted to highlight the products from the guys at Enchanted Beard Company.  They are new and but their products are all high quality and consistant.Beard Soap They offer a really great bar of beard soap.  I have an issue with itching...
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11/30/15 22:05:03
Mountain Beards - Scented Beard Oils - Made In The USA! (topic)
Mountain Beards is a brand-new company, dedicated to bringing quality beard grooming products which are made in The USA.  We strive to achieve a high quality product at an economical cost.  We are currently only offering beard oils - in...
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10/18/15 11:18:36
Beard Oil, Why its good for ya! (topic)
Hey guys! Names Jacques, i've been growing for a while now and i am very passionate about beard care and maintaining a healthy beard! Thats why i've created, "Jacques' Old Fashioned Beard Oil"! Bottom line is, there's a lot of beard oils...
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09/22/15 01:33:06
Valhalla Beard Care, slowly starting up. (topic)
Hey there! I decided to take a plunge into making beard care products, I have created a Facebook page, Instagram account and Etsy Store to get things started. I also bought a big enough order of ingredients to test and make a good...
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09/16/15 10:46:41
Beard Trimmer Reviews - Men's Beard Style Website (topic)
Chaps, Hope the beards are coming along well!! I wanted to show you my website, im 100% sure it will interest you! It's not got the most imaginative of names but at least you know what its about.. It's called Beard Trimmer Reviews, loads...
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09/14/15 08:23:42
Bearded Barbarian (topic)
Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum, but I've lurked here from time to time. I figured I'd drop a quick post and just let you guys know that my wife and I have developed some beard care products that we are really proud of.  We currently...
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08/10/15 13:28:50
GIVEAWAY - White Spade - Beard Care by two Bearded Brothers (topic)
Hi Everyone, I’ve contacted Jeff (The Goatee King) and he was kind enough to let me post a link to a giveaway my company is running. Here is the link to sign up and check us out and I’ll describe who we are and what we offer below....
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07/14/15 21:14:28
The Tangled Beard co (topic)
New beard oil startup based in the UK (Newcastle).  100% Natural ingredients with no nasties...EVER!  take a look at our newly launched website, there's a beard oil for all tastes!
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06/05/15 14:25:50
Beard Oil Recipe Site (topic)
​Hi all,  Today is an exciting day!  I just launched a brand new beard oil recipe site!  The site was designed so folks could exchange, discuss, and rate beard oil recipes with one another.  Since the site is so young, I definitely would...
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05/12/15 17:20:04
Men On The Make (topic)
First off, my purpose on this site is to learn and just be part of the group, not to advertise...kind of feel weird even posting this on here, but i am going to anyways since others have    This is a business that my cousin and I have...
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02/05/15 16:42:00
New Line of All Natural Beard and Hair products. (topic)
Hello everyone,             My name is Branden Owner and Founder of Rockriver Hair supply. I have been growing a beard and making my own beard balm and beard oil for some time now. Seeing how a lot of people have started growing beards...
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01/28/15 00:13:46
Charlemagne Beard Oil - Shameless Plug (topic)
Hey guys, Like any guy who truly loves and believes in his product, I wanted to take a moment and share with you my site and products - First of all, thanks to all of you that have tried out my oils. I...
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01/24/15 13:53:36