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BearDDrop is launching world’s first Beard Accessory Shop (topic)
 About us. Our company produces accessories for beards, which is founded in 2016. All our products are handmade. At the moment, our designers developed 44 unique accessories with 8 unique themes made of different types of stones and...
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02/14/17 06:19:09
Beard of Liverpool (topic)
Hey Guy's,  I've been using beard oils and balms for years, and know the good and bad, so I took it upon myself to study holistic skin care and produce my own. 100% Natural and Vegan, I've had amazing feedback. Most beard oils you buy...
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08/08/16 11:59:48
ShopTrimmers- A Valuable Promotion (topic)
Hello Bearded buddies out there, As a huge fan of beards and a proud owner of one as well, I run a website called, which is dedicated to all beard enthusiasts here. Here you can find detailed beard trimmers reviews....
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06/13/16 07:54:41
Bearder Than Me - A Startup Company - A YouTube Show (topic)
A strartup company and a youtube show.  We are looking to work out some potential partnerships with Beard Product Companies to push their product on our show.  We will integrate a segment where we use, and review the product.  We can...
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09/24/15 04:54:49
The Tangled Beard co (topic)
New beard oil startup based in the UK (Newcastle).  100% Natural ingredients with no nasties...EVER!  take a look at our newly launched website, there's a beard oil for all tastes!
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06/05/15 14:25:50
Bear Brawler Beard Products Review (topic)
Hello, I have been working on a few beard products for a while now and have gotten nothing but positive feedback on every product we make. (not bragging) Would just like to know if anyone would be interested in reviewing a few of my...
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Bear Brawler

05/01/15 04:25:49
Awesome Beard Combs (topic) Ready to ship..currently only shipping to the USA but can ship outside US on a case by case basis.
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02/11/15 19:44:03
New Line of All Natural Beard and Hair products. (topic)
Hello everyone,             My name is Branden Owner and Founder of Rockriver Hair supply. I have been growing a beard and making my own beard balm and beard oil for some time now. Seeing how a lot of people have started growing beards...
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01/28/15 00:13:46
BaldingBeards - a shameless promotion (topic)
Hello there bearded buddies, As a huge fan of beards and a proud owner of one as well, together with my friend I run a website called, which is dedicated to all beard enthusiastes out there and/or follicaly...
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01/18/15 19:53:15
Stache Bash - 11/29/2014 - Maryland - All Welcome (topic)
Hey all,     Just to let you all know, we're having a party to clebrate beards and mustaches this November 29th. Everyone is invited, if you happen to be in the area. It will be at 1653 Livingston Drive, Bel Air, MD, and the facebook...
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11/10/14 17:20:42
Beard Game Tee (topic) This is for all those people that are proud of their beards and want to show off a little bit Hope you enjoy!
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08/18/14 08:46:28
Looking for some feedback (topic)
Hello everyone! My name is Robert and I own the website I was hoping to get some feedback. I would like to know what kind of stuff you like and look for when searching beard related topics. For example, do you like...
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12/30/13 00:50:20
The science behind growing facial hair (topic)
Hey guys! Just thought I'd share this - It's a little audio episode from last month, which talks about genetics, testosterone, facial hair colour, and other stuff. If you have 7 minutes to kill, it might be worth a listen. I found it...
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12/02/13 23:33:13
/r/beards (topic)
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09/14/13 01:12:40
Article I came across in the Guardian this morning (topic) "In years to come, when they make movies or write books about this time, the beard will be used as a definitive visual shorthand for the early 21st century, as...
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07/25/13 19:35:31
Great Beard Blog  (topic)
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05/13/13 01:18:41
All Natural Beard Care  (topic)
Here is a link to some all natural beard grooming products I have been making.  
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03/01/13 23:16:11
Beards in modern rock?  (topic)
Anyone noticing that beards are coming back in a big way in rock and roll? Check out the singer in this band, it is a monster. Think it's time for the Jonas Brothers to beard up!
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06/29/12 01:29:51
Awesome Beard T-Shirt  (topic) Whoever the designer is, he also has a sticker of what I presume is his own portrait. Quite an amazing beard if I do say so.
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05/04/12 18:32:35
Bearded Wisdom  (topic)
New to this board and wanted to start out by sharing some links to my website.http://bearded-wisdom.blogspot.com our Facebook page and share some wisdom of your own!
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08/01/11 00:20:51