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What are your thoughts of bearded teens? (topic)
Hello all, I have seen many comments regarding bearded teens, and I wanted to see what you think about it. When I talk about bearded teens, I don't talk about stubble or these who have peach fuzz or a few long hair folliciles above the...


12/06/16 14:20:31
Does food get in your beard when you eat? (topic)
Just wondering if you have a long beard, is it hard to keep food from getting on it when you eat?

Papa Bear

10/22/15 05:48:13
Voting Open for November Photo Competition (topic)
Voting is now open for November's photo competition. The theme is Insects or Arachnids. Please vote for the entry you think should win.Entry 1: wulffpaulEntry 2: hurst1979oldsEntry 3: TriibeardEntry 4: Sergey OEntry 5: SNAPPYJB


12/01/14 17:34:56
How far do your cheek and neckline grow? (coverage index) (topic)
Though there is no such thing as the average beard, given that beards are highly unique, I still believe that there are general beard patterns, some of which are more prevalent than others. Many men (especially first growers) pursue the...


03/09/14 08:09:42
Pro-Beard/Anti-Shaving T-Shirt. Is this a good design? (topic)
Pro-Beard T-Shirt. Is this a good design? As a beard enthusiast, I came up with this pro-beard/anti-shaving shirt design the other day. Would you rock this or does it need re-working? Thoughts?T-shirt design


02/27/14 20:34:20
Minoxidil: Good or Bad (topic)
Now that quite a bit of time has passed and a plethora of people that use minoxidil have come and gone; I think it's time to see what the overall feeling of the individual on the board thinks.  I understand the board as a whole says it's...


01/05/14 02:22:00
Preferred short beard styles? (topic)
I was wondering, other than legendary full beards, those of us who cannot sport one of those yet have to work with what we have. So which beard style would you guys choose if you didn't (or don't) have a well-covered beard?


11/18/13 08:37:27
What color is your beard? (topic)
So, what color is your beard?


09/09/13 12:48:32
What's your star sign?  (topic)
I've noticed that many men on the board are Leos like me. Might there be some star relation to beard and lion manes? Just curious!

Unregistered User

05/22/13 13:21:15
How long do you wear your current beard / facial hair?  (topic)
It may be from your earliest effort, or it may be after your umpteenth period of being 'clean-shaven'. Please indicate if approximately you have kept one style, or made style changes in the meantime. (e.g. goatee to full beard, or the...


05/05/13 13:18:32
How many consecutive beards?  (topic)
For instance, I am currently on my beard number 5, having started a beard in 1975, 1979, 1989, 1995 and 2008. They lasted from 10 months to 12 years, with intervals ranging from 5 months to nearly 9 years. One of my friends started his...


05/05/13 12:59:01
Did you or do you have a big beard?  (topic)
For this poll, every very noticeable large beard counts. That will usually mean a year's worth of growth, or more, but not necessarily a 'yeard' as in 'one year of untrimmed growth'. (If you add a number of months of growth to an...


05/05/13 12:53:35
whats your goal? how many months are you growing?  (topic)
the title explains it all..what goal are you shooting for with your beard, how many months?anything in between, let us know.thanks!mr. sftd

mr sftd

03/28/13 12:53:08
Should I keep growing my beard or shave it?  (topic)
Hello fellow bearded men,For the past year I've been growing out my hair, and I'm still planning to grow it out a little more; recently though, I've been growing out my beard. Now, I've usually kept a very minimal one (stubble and short...

Unregistered User

12/05/12 09:16:33
Beard Care  (topic)

bearded guy

10/23/12 17:05:05
How many of your friends are bearded?  (topic)
And I'm NOT talking about 5-6 days of stubble!!Well... how many? 

Unregistered User

05/16/12 10:36:16
Comments from the ladies...  (topic)
Was wondering about comments from your other "half" in life......Or (for those who're single), your girlfriend's thoughts about it.

Unregistered User

05/14/12 13:42:41
Nervous/relaxed beard development  (topic)
Hi guys, Haven't seen such a poll before and it's personally interesting for myself. So this is a poll to figure out if theres correlation of beard development to the type you are. Beard development means facial hair amount, density,...


04/22/12 06:22:23
Beard Report Project  (topic)
I am writing a report on modern American perceptions of facial hair, and I'd like to get some official statements from bearded men on how members of the general public tend to react toward their beards. -In general terms, has the typical...


05/25/11 01:02:56